The Huawei Mate 50 series may not get cancelled after all. Rumoured launch is coming this October

Due to US bans, the company is only allowed to use 4G chipsets… for now. However, there may be a catch this time.

Courtesy of: Huawei Central

Remember when we said that the Huawei Mate 50 series would get canned this year? Well… there are new reports saying that this won’t be the case as the company might launch a new event.

The controversies surrounding them definitely almost destroyed the entire company. They were the top smartphone manufacturer for a while early 2020, but has since dropped after the US basically nuked them to death, harshly limiting their interactions and partnership to any US or any US-allied company. This of course includes Google and Qualcomm which previously supplied Android and the Snapdragon chipsets respectively, like any other OEM in the market today.

The new Mate 50 series would be revealed around 21st October through a live virtual event, according to David Naranjo, Senior Director at Display Supply Chain Consultant of Huawei. He also shared a roadmap of devices that would be launch this and the next quarter. Remember the global launch event happening in Vienna? That might be the event he was discussing about. According to rumors, that event is supposed to reveal the global variants of the P50 series and the Nova 9 series.

Seen on the list is the Huawei Mate 50 Pro that would be launching this Q4, appropriate for the rumored October 21st launch date. Still, even if this was the case, the company has not revealed anything major yet, so hold tight and keep your excitement to a close.

Translated Weibo post. May not be 100% accurate

While the company is currently barred from making 5G phones and is only limited to 4G, even for their flagships, Huawei is planning to reintroduce 5G handsets in the future, though take this with a pinch of salt as it came out as a post on Weibo, which is basically Chinese Twitter, and the post did not even come from a reliable leaker. In a post translated by GizmoChina, the OP claims he works for the company stating that Huawei would soon start making 5G handsets again. The Mate 50 series might be the first handsets from Huawei to support 5G, from a long time since the Mate 40 series.

Sources: Huawei Central, GizmoChina