Huawei reveals a global October event that could possibly reveal the Huawei P50 globally

Is Huawei ready to go back to universal sales?

Huawei has scheduled a global event in Vienna, Austria titled “Huawei Product Launch” and will start at 9:00pm Philippines Time on October 21st. The most thought of product that is going to be unveiled here would be the P50 series, as the Mate 50 series are allegedly cancelled this year according to a Chinese news outlet. The reason for the cancellation is that Huawei is focusing all its resources for the P50 series. This would mark the first time the company has released no new Mate phones to complement the P series flagships, just like how there are no new Galaxy Notes released this year thanks to the chipset shortage.

In addition to the P50 series which includes the P50 and P50 Pro, the launch would also probably include the Nova 9, a midrange phone with a design aspect similar to the P50 series. The Pro variant has Kirin 9000 chipset at the ready but the regular variant has the 4G edition of the Snapdragon 888 at the ready. Both use flagship 50mp cameras.

Source: GSMArena (Mate Cancellation), GSMArena (Huawei Product Launch)