Microsoft: XBOX will not support Android apps

Android app compatibility will remain a Windows 11 exclusive.

Microsoft has announced previously that Windows 11 will soon natively support Android apps through the Amazon App Store, as with all things released with Amazon, it’s bound to be a curse. This time, Microsoft had announced that it’s delaying Android app compatibility for Windows 11 until next year.

Microsoft Store Windows Subsystem for Android

With that said, the team back at XDA developers have been testing a compatibility app called “Windows Subsystem for Android”. The app currently is available for developers. Unfortunately though, XDA noted that when running the app, it only shows a black screen.

One curious thing here is the “OS” compatibility. It lists XBOX One as a compatible device. This lead to stories that Microsoft may be bringing Android app compatibility to XBOX as well. The company quickly denied this claim, saying that the “XBOX One” written for the OS compatibility is merely an error or a placeholder. The same placeholder text can be seen through Windows 10’s Microsoft store.

It would be nice though as the console offers greater level of control compared to a cramped mobile device, but this would also mean that mobile gamers using XBOX have a huge advantage over those using a phone, as they would have a larger screen opting for a larger field of view, better refresh rate (unless the other party, the one using a phone, uses a gaming phone) and more fluid controls. This may or may not be considered “cheating” depending on who you ask.

Source: Android Authority