DITO said it will launch its broadband service next year

Many of us have been waiting for it, it’s finally coming.

Recently, DITO has announced its plans for broadband connectivity. Currently, the company only offers LTE services but many have been waiting for a broadband connectivity to rival that of PLDT and Globe. They said that it could launch the service next year.

Right now, DITO is focused on expanding its mobile services nationwide. They are also expecting mobile services would gradually increase demand especially after the pandemic is over.

For its broadband services, the telecoms network said it’s already in a user testing phase, before the commercial rollout next year.

DITO is aiming for a 30% market share in the future. The company has already spent around Php150 billion out of the Php250 billion capital expenditure. In the coming years, DITO would spend around Php25 billion annually

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Source: NoypiGeeks