The Realme 9 series has been confirmed!

The Realme 8 series has only been released a few months prior and now it feels like yesteryear’s phone.

The Realme 8

The Realme 8 series is not even a year old, but Realme is making it feel that way thanks to the upcoming Realme 9 series which the company has just confirmed.

There are rumours reporting that the phone would be slated for release this October in India, just in time for the Diwali celebration. Francis Wong, CMO of Realme India and Realme Europe, has confirmed the existence of the Realme 9 through a tweet. He said that the company would have a sneak peek about the devices on the 9th September launch event. According to Gizmochina, there would be four phones in the lineup instead of the usual two: Realme 9, 9 Pro, 9 Prime and 9A.

To make even things less subtle, there are rumors that the company is making its own “Note” lineup consisting of the Realme Note 9 and the Note 9 Prime. These days, the name “Note” has become meaningless on smartphones ever since the millet took an interest on it. The “Note” naming by Samsung is so called because you can take notes to it thanks to the S-Pen, while other companies uses the name just because. Just like how there are so many “Pro” phones on the market now, making the term meaningless as it used to stand for “professional”. Now, it just usually means the uptiered version of the basic handset.

Competition is hard, so is originality.

Also, to be fair, the name “Realme” isn’t so subtle either.

Source: Gizmochina