A 5G Cherry Mobile phone, model number X1090 has surfaced on Google Play Console; hints a UNISOC T7510 chipset

Cherry Mobile is indeed working on a 5G handset

The Aqua S9, which also has a UNISOC chipset

While Cherry Mobile has been said to be working on a 5G phone for quite sometime now, there hasn’t been any evidence that may prove it, nor any leaks yet. Currently, Cherry Mobile would be releasing their Aqua S10 Pro which uses a Mediatek Helio G90 chipset. This chipset does not support 5G however so this one crosses out as one of the possible 5G phones Cherry may be working on.

Thanks to an article from JamOnline, there has been evidence that Cherry is now indeed working on a 5G phone. However, according to our internal sources, the phone has been listed since June so we are not sure why it only popped up now. There are also rumours that this phone has been cancelled in favor of a Dimensity-powered phone instead.

The listing shows that the phone will use UNISOC’s Tiger series of chipsets, in particular the T7510. This chipset is comparable to the G85 in terms of performance but the main kicker is that this has 5G support. Another thing mentioned on the listing include an Android 10 operating system and a 720p screen with 320dpi. If that’s the case, this phone, if ever real, may be geared for people who simply wanted a 5G phone on a budget and nothing else. There’s also 4GB RAM stated in the listing.

As this phone is a leak, and Cherry Mobile has not confirmed the existence of the device yet, take this with high doubts. However we can finally now take away that Cherry has been experimenting for 5G phones for quite sometime now, time will tell when they will actually release one for mass production.