The iPhone 13 will be launched on 14th September

Everyone, mark your calendars!

The iPhone 12

Ever since the start of the year, the rumor mill has been going crazy for the next iPhone. With a common denominator that the phone will have a 120Hz refresh rate and would finally get rid of the ugly huge notch that many phones don’t have anymore. Now, there may be a launch date prominent.

In short: the iPhone 13 would be unveiled on 14th September via the WorldWide Developers’ Conference (WWDC), pre-orders start at 17th September and official sales start 24th September; but if you’re interested in finding out more… Please continue reading.

Remember when Apple used to hold events every September? Well according to reliable leakster Jon Prosser, Apple is going back to that tradition with the iPhone 13, in addition, a mockup which appears to be an iPhone 13 model appeared on Apple TV+ series “Ted Lasso” and “The Signal”. In the former, the camera bump of the iPhone 13 made a cameo appearance. However this may just be an iPhone 12. In the latter show, “The Signal”, there appears to be a notchless iPhone, as in, no camera dots. This may be just edited in so people especially tipsters could continue speculating before the actual release

There are also rumours that the phone will not get rid of the notch completely, but instead make it smaller. There was a mockup on YouTube that the iPhone 13 would receive a notch resembling either the Lenovo Z5 or the Zenfone 5 series

Credit to: MacRumors

The rumours for an in-display fingerprint sensor has also been delayed for the iPhone 13. Meaning the phone will have an optical fingerprint scanner, as part of its biometrics along with FaceID, but it may not be activated immediately and would instead be activated on a future update.

For the cameras, the “Sensor-Shift Stabilization” may also be introduced. This opts for better auto-focus and stabilization for all iPhone 13 models and may come as a future update on older models too. Also, the iPhone 13 series has a noticeably larger camera bump at the back than the iPhone 12 series. The iPhone 13 and its highest end, say the iPhone 13 Pro will be getting a diagonal pattern for its camera array.

Oh, while the iPhone 12 mini may be suffering losses for Apple, the company hasn’t given up yet on the compact phone line and that the iPhone 13 mini may also get announced on the 14th.

Sources: GizChina, MacRumors