Samsung will remove ads inside of its homebrew apps

It’s about time other manufacturers do the same.

According to several news outlets in South Korea, Samsung will remove ads on its own apps. Samsung has confirmed the reports and it has been deemed to be true.

“Samsung has made a decision to cease the advertisement on proprietary apps including Samsung Weather, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Theme,” the company told us in a response to an emailed query. “The update [to remove the offending ads – ed] will be ready by later this year.”

The ads will be removed in an upcoming OTA update on OneUI devices. This applies not just to its top-end S21 and Note series but also to all other devices including budgets and midrangers. When will other companies do the same?

Xiaomi for example, manages to get their phones more affordable than the competition because they don’t spend a lot on marketing. They would rather depend on social media posts, flash sales, and word-of-mouth to get their brand recognised, and it really works! They are now at the top spot of the smartphone market share defeating long-time champion Samsung. They are also dependent on an “online-first” basis. Hence the reason why most of their handsets are only purchasable through e-commerce apps like Shopee and Lazada. While they do have brick and mortar stores, those are used mainly as showrooms, to showcase what other items they have in stock. These include electric scooters, robot vacuums, rice cookers, TVs, monitors and so on.

However there is a compromise. MIUI is full of ads so every time you open a Xiaomi-made app, ads will pop up, open another window in a Xiaomi app another ad will pop up. Ad after ad after ad. A never-ending cycle. After installing an app either outside or from the play store, Xiaomi will “scan” the app for viruses, however this may be just a gateway to show you another ad. Ad personalisation can be disabled, but removing the ads entirely may need root access, either that or switch to a Custom ROM instead.

Source: Android Authority