A Huawei patent reveals a Huawei Mate series with arcing screen and in-display camera

Patents are like a glimpse of the future, but may never be real. Just like your hopes and dreams

A report from LetsGoDigital said that Huawei has patented a futuristic Huawei Mate phone with an arc display and in-display camera. This arc display is programmable and replaces the buttons you have on your phone. The patent was surprisingly filled in the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).

The display further expands the waterfall edge-to-edge screen similar to the Huawei Mate 40 and that it eliminates the side bezels and even the buttons in replacement for digital ones. The display arcs up until its rear side, though not as exaggerated as the Mi Mix Alpha seen a few years back.


The side arc has touch functionality and can also display different notifications. Technizo Concept also created a 3D render that demonstrates a “what if” the patent was real. Another noticeable aspect from this patent is the absence of a front camera, indicating that the company is working on an in-display front camera.

As a patent, don’t expect a real concept device coming anytime soon. Patents tend to be crazily unrealistic for the most part, such as Vivo’s flying drone camera inserted inside the phone.

Source: LetsGoDigital (in Dutch) via GizmoChina