Vivo patents on a flying camera, combining the capabilities of both a phone and a drone!

A patent from Vivo has revealed that the company may be working on a popup camera module that can fly. In the image generated by LetsGoDigital, this flying camera module looks like a laptop cooler or a drone.

According to LetsGoDigital, the patent was apparently filed last year and got published yesterday, 1st July 2021. Based on the image, the design looks like a typical modern popup phone, but with a detachable camera module located at the bottom.

The camera module sports four propellers that lets the camera fly. As it is detachable, it also houses a separate battery pack that enables it to fly as well as two camera sensors on its body that lets it do camera work like video and photo. After all, it can’t be a flying camera without the cameras.

There are also infrared sensors on opposite sides of the module. There are several reasons why this was included, but the main one is to avoid it from crashing into other objects while flying, the same way robot vacuums don’t crash into objects.

While Vivo has not mentioned any features that this flying camera could have, based on the sensors, it should have air gestures as well as an auto mode that follows the user and their phone wherever they go, while also observing its environment for any obstacle such as tall trees, skyscrapers and vehicles.

Take note that this is just a patent, and patents can be anything rocket science. So if you’re looking forward to a physical concept, then don’t let your expectations overtake you. Patents however give us a glimpse of the future and see where a company might be headed if ever the patent becomes real.

Source: GizmoChina, LetsGoDigital (in Dutch)