The Mi Pad 5 launches alongside the Mi Mix 4

They really called it an iPad competitor. It comes with multiple accessories.

The Mi Pad 5 and its Pro variant are touted to be iPad competitors, because of multiple tablets releasing this year and last year, we can safely say that Android tablets are truly returning.

The Mi Pad 5 series, unlike the previous Mi Pad, are flagship level. Recalling the Mi Pad 4, the design is similar to the iPad Mini but with midranger specs. The Mi Pad 4 comes with a Snapdragon 625 processor and a single camera, as well as an LCD screen.

But this time, it’s different. Xiaomi really put up the stakes and kicked up the Mi Pad series, graduating from its “midrange” moniker. The Mi Pad 5 and 5 Pro comes with a Snapdragon 860 and 870 processor respectively, a 2.5K 11in. AMOLED display and, for the Pro variant, a triple camera setup. Unfortunately, Xiaomi did not translate this one on their Twitter, at least not during the time this article was written. We’re still hoping of an international release though

We mentioned earlier that the display is a huge upgrade over the Mi Pad 4, first off, it uses an 11in. AMOLED, second it has a high refresh rate of 120Hz, and most importantly, a 2.5K display resolution. This display supports TrueTone like the Mi Mix 4 and Dolby Vision.

Another advancement vs the previous Mi Pad is the processor, it uses a flagship Snapdragon 870 processor for the Pro variant and a Snapdragon 860 for the regular variant. Only one configuration of the Pro variant comes with 5G, the highest variant coming in at 8GB RAM and 256GB storage.

There are now two cameras at the back, for the Mi Pad 5 Pro, depending on the variant. The 5G version comes with a 50mp main while the Wi-Fi only variant comes with a 13mp camera. In addition, there’s also a 5mp ultrawide on both variants. The Pro variant also comes with an 8mp front camera.

The regular Mi Pad 5 comes with a single 13mp camera and an 8mp front camera.

Like the Galaxy Tab S7 and the iPad Pro, the tablet has magnets for you to attach the keyboard. In addition, you can use the magnet to attach and charge the pen stylus. The stylus is lightweight and weighs only 12.2g

The tablets have a battery that should endure at least 8 hours of use, along with fast charging. The Mi Pad 5 Pro comes with 67W and 8600mAh battery while the regular one comes with 8720mAh and 33W. The endurance performance of these two should be similar if not identical.

The tablet runs regular Android and MIUI 12.5 that is similar to Xiaomi’s phones. Except this time, enhanced and optimized for tablet use. The pen itself has multiple functions, including screenshots, drawing and has two buttons on the side that acts like the left and right mouse buttons, similar to a graphic tablet’s stylus.

The Mi Pad 5 Pro comes with Dolby Atmos sound and stereo speakers, allowing for a louder and a clear crispier sound that should enhance the media viewing experience.

The tablet is now available in China, but it would be sweet if the tablet also releases internationally. Below are the conversion of prices from CNY to PHP


Mi Pad 5

  • 6/128: CNY 1999 (~Php 15.5K)
  • 6/256: CNY 2299 (~Php 17.9K)

Mi Pad 5 Pro

  • 6/128: CNY 2499 (~Php 19.4K)
  • CNY 2799 (~Php 21.8K)
  • 8/256 (with 5G): CNY 3499 (~Php 27.2K)


  • Keyboard: CNY 399 (~Php 3.1K)
  • Protective Leather Case with Stand: CNY 99 (~Php 770)
  • Xiaomi Stylus Pen: CNY 349 (~Php 2.7K)

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