Realme MagDart, a Magnetic Charging Solution for Android!

The first for Android, because we all know MagSafe was the first one before this came out

Yesterday, Realme presented its magnetic charging concept in response to the ever-growing Apple Magsafe technology, which, instead of a charging dock, it instead uses magnets attached on the phone and on the charging brick to charge your phone wirelessly. In their presentation, the company has unveiled seven products for this conceptual magnetic charging experience.

Seven products for MagDart

The first of these is the concept phone called Realme Flash, which has built-in magnets to support the MagDart magnetic charger. The phone uses a Curved OLED display and is powered by a flagship Snapdragon 888 processor. Its most prominent feature is the 4500mAh battery with support for 50W wired and magnetic wireless charging, which Realme claims can charge from 0-100% in less than an hour, to be exact, 54 minutes.

50W MagDart Charger

The “flagship” product of the MagDart lineup is the 50W magnetic charger, which has magnets at the back of it (obviously). Not only that, but it also has a fan on the back and on the side to keep the charger cool especially when using it while gaming. Realme said its compact design is perfect for gaming while charging

A full charge takes 54 minutes from empty, while it takes 5 minutes charging from empty to 20%. It isn’t exactly the fastest in the world, but it has the same duration as the 50W wired SuperDart charger.

The charger also supports phones that support Qi Wireless charging, and the charger is rotatable, so you won’t feel any obstructions while using it.

15W MagDart Charging Pad

This Wireless Charging Pad is similar to contemporary charging pad on the market, but the difference lies on its marketing, Realme touted this one as a MagSafe competitor. For starters, this charger is 26.4% thinner than the MagSafe, which should bring marginal and an unnecessary advantage.

Realme made the pad thinner by separating the coil and the board. Rather than putting the board into the coil, Realme split the two and instead put the board on the charging plug. This design choice, according to Realme, also lowers the chance of overheating.

Realme, being a company and all, has the balls to compare their charging pad vs Apple’s. Though there aren’t any price listings, the MagDart charger should be more affordable to the latter. According to Realme, the main complaints about Apple’s Magsafe is that it takes about four hours to charge a 3000mAh battery, so in their solution, they charged a 4500mAh battery and it only took them 90 minutes, or 1 hour and 30 minutes.

MagDart Power Bank

The MagDart Power bank is a magnetic wireless charging solution on the go. It supports the same 15W rating as the MagDart Charging Pad. If this concept feels familiar, that is because this is Realme’s response to the MagSafe Battery Pack.

The Power Bank also has a base that is sold separately, so now you can charge your phone vertically while also looking at messages and notifications, maybe watching videos as well. This base automatically charges the power bank when placed, and when a phone is sandwiched with the power bank, it charges that phone as well. The power bank has an aluminium frame coated with vegan leather.

MagDart Wallet

Now we’re done with the charging solutions, let’s get to accessories. Realme wanted to be creative with the magnetic solution that the Realme Flash has and so, has released multiple accessories, the first revealed being the MagDart Wallet.

The MagDart Wallet attaches at the back of your phone (so as long there are magnets) and from there, you can hold up to three cards. As a bonus, there’s also a magnetic kickstand so you can use the phone while on a table. This easy and convenient placement of cards is also convenient for thieves who will definitely eye on your phone once they see this gigantic physical bloatware attached at the back of it.

MagDart Beauty Light

Another accessory Realme released is the MagDart Beauty Light, intended for portrait photography. This magnetic ring light has 60-LED light options and also supports magnetic wireless charging.

The light can be flipped upwards to use for selfies and vlogging, so there’s no need for you to purchase a separate ring light that requires attaching via a wire or USB cable. Like regular ring lights, this one lets you adjust the temperature and brightness according to your liking. You can also power on/off the light manually. The light consumes some of your phone’s battery power so that it stays on.

MagDart Case for Realme GT

What happens when a company doesn’t add a feature that should be there? They sell the solution of course! And the MagDart Case for the Realme GT is an example of that.

Since the Realme GT does not support wireless charging, Realme is selling you a case that finally allows it to do so. While less expensive than actually adding wireless charging capabilities on the phone itself, it’s still a little inconvenient that, to charge the Realme GT separately, you have to buy a very specific and separate case.

The case connects to the Realme GT’s USB-C port which in turn allows you to charge the phone wirelessly; and since the Realme GT does not have a headphone jack, wireless charging and using earbuds can be troublesome, forcing you to use wireless earbuds, which also requires charging. This is the future we live in, we know.

Realme did not announce any price listing, and as for the Realme Flash, don’t expect it to be revealed as a product mass-produced since it is a concept phone. The company did however, reveal its plans for a magnetic-based ecosystem for MagDart technology.

Source: Realme MagDart Live Stream (has ended)