Google Tensor, the chipset powering the Pixel 6 series

Codename: Whitechapel

Render of the Pixel 6

Google has been teasing the new Pixel 6 series for quite a while now, including its new chipset that is co-manufactured with Samsung called “Whitechapel”. According to certain leaksters, the performance of this chipset is similar to flagship chipsets like Snapdragon 870.

In a recent tweet, Google revealed the name of the chipset outside of the codename. They call this chipset “Tensor”. The chipset was designed by Google and was co-manufactured by Samsung. In that same tweet, Google revealed even more specs for the Pixel 6 series.

First, both phones would come with three colour combinations, though not revealed which. Based on the images, there’s a black, cream and a peach-coloured Pixel 6. Second, the camera setup which is what the Pixels are known for. The Pro version is getting a triple camera setup, one of which is a telephoto that can zoom 4x optically. The Pixel 6 has the same lenses, just without the telephoto cam.

For the rest of the thread, Google revealed the similarities of the two, one of these is the Pixel’s first custom-made SoC, the Google Tensor. The highlight of this chipset is that it can process Google’s most powerful AI and has an advanced Machine Learning system. Google has not revealed the specifications for the chipset yet, but we should expect it the time the phones are announced this month.

Another thing revealed for the Pixel 6 series is the new Material You design language that was revealed during this year’s Google I/O event. According to Google, the Material You design fits perfectly for the Pixel 6 series and users should experience a more fluid and smoother performance.

Another highlight of the Pixel 6 is the tightened security, built with “the most layers of hardware security on any phone”.

As mentioned before, the Pixel 6 series should be released this August.

Source: Twitter