Blackberry is coming back… again… for the third time

Not giving up yet, ON TO ROUND THREE, but there’s a catch…

Blackberry KEYTWO LE, Courtesy of: PCWorld

After some rough changes to licensing from TCL to Onward Mobility, Blackberry is again back for round 3. The new licensee is ready to make handsets again, albeit with a small catch.

For starters, the company, Onward Mobility, wants Blackberry fans (if there are still left) to join their “pre-commitment” program so that the company will again gain traction and interest. This is like joining a company for their newsletters wherein subscribers will be the first ones to know about new products and other interests. In addition, anyone who is part of this program can send feedback to Blackberry, in which their input while be at highest value. Anyone part of the program can also pre-order a new Blackberry device if ever one comes out.

Head start! When you go to their website (link in “Source”), they will ask you some personal info including name, Title, E-mail and Company name. Two of these, the user’s name and email, are required. After that, there will be some questions you have to answer such as the number of phones you will be buying from them.

In short, they are ready again to manufacture phones, but mass-producing them requires high public demand.

Source: Onward Mobility