Mediatek Kompanio 1300T is out for tablets!

Kompanio for tablets and Dimensity for phones. Got it.

Remember when there were rumours of a “Dimensity 1300T” chipset that was first to come out for Honor tablets? Well… Mediatek has already confirmed the name and it’s not Dimensity, rather it’s called “Kompanio 1300T”. Kind of a weird naming scheme, but let’s go along with it.

The Kompanio series is made for tablets, just like how Dimensity is for midrange smartphones. The Kompanio 1300T is basically the Dimensity 1200 for tablets.

A comparison over the Kompanio 1200, 1300T and Dimensity 1200 (Source: GSMArena)

This chipset is an upgrade over the MT8195 (Kompanio 1200) chipset that was announced last year for Chromebook. The new Kompanio 1300T is based on a TSMC 6nm process and uses a powerful Cortex A-78 CPU as well as Cortex A55 power-saving cores. For the GPU, it uses a Mali-G77 MC9 nine-core GPU. In all respects, this chipset is similar to the Dimensity 1200T processor that is used for smartphones.

Other features of the chipset include 4K HDR video support, 120Hz refresh rate support for up to 1440p screen resolution (144Hz for FHD+ resolutions) and up to 108mp for camera sensors. There is also 5G, Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 support for connectivity.

It was hinted that Honor will be the first one to use this, however, a few months after the V7 Pro is launched, other OEMs such as Xiaomi and BBK will be also able to obtain this chipset for their tablets.

With this in mind, Android tablets are indeed making a comeback.

Sources: Mediatek, GizmoChina