Blackberry is making a comeback this year with included 5G!

With Blackberry and TCL’s partnership ending last year, it looks like Blackberry hit the nail in the coffin. However, TCL will continue to support its customers and provide warranties up to August 2022.

With that being said, it looks like Blackberry is no longer going to manufacture new phones, however, a new company stepped in. OnwardMobility announced that it will continue the Blackberry brand.

There were reports that Blackberry is planning to release a 5G phone this year, with a physical keyboard. CEO of OnwardMobility, Peter Franklin said that this new device would come with the classic Blackberry keyboard, as seen on KEYONE and KEY TWO.

This new 5G phone will be the first phone launched after the company’s departure from TCL and the first from OnwardMobility. The company has cooperated with OEM Foxconn in order for the devices to be made, and the phone may be first released in North America and Europe. There are plans of an Asia release as well.