The Fangwolf Family Episode 1: Back To School


TIME: Early morning, about 6am, Monday

PLACE: Evergreen City, Fangwolf Residence, Maharlikan Republic


  • Elise Fangwolf- 10 year old energetic twin sister to Alex, normally wearing a green dress, and a purple nightdress when sleeping
  • Alex Fangwolf- 10 year old introverted and quiet twin brother of Elise, wears a sky blue polo shirt with red shorts and sometimes, with a vest. For footwear he wears moss green running shoes and pajamas for sleeping
  • Belle Fangwolf- mother of the two twins. She wears a white polo shirt and grey skirt. At home, she wears bunny slippers

*Sun is rising, roosters calling*

Elise: *alarm ringing*, *Elise wakes up in excitement* Yieee June 3rd! It’s the first day of school! Can’t wait to see my old friends from grade 4, hopefully we are still classmates! *rushes down to the stairs to have her breakfast*

Elise: *goes to Alex’ room* Alex, Alex wake up! *Alex awakens* It’s the first day of school, aren’t you excited?

Alex: (*tired and disappointed voice*) Aww, how could anyone be excited to go back to school?

Elise: Well, who isn’t? You got to meet your friends, you learn more things… *fangirls in excitement* come on, let’s go I don’t wanna be late, and neither do you!

Alex: (*tired) yeah I’ll be down in a few minutes

Belle: *shouting from the downstairs kitchen* Elise! Alex! Wake up you’re gonna be late for class!

Elise: Going down mom! If you wanna be late, that’s on you, but I don’t wanna… byeeee *runs down through the stairs and exits Alex’ room*

Belle: Honey, don’t rush down the stairs, you’ll fall off! I like your energy, here I made you your favourite: Pancake and chicken omelette!

Elise: *camera pans to Elise craving in excitement*

Belle: Where is your brother? He’s going to be late

Elise: He said he’s going down in a few minutes, he still looks awful tired, really tired

Belle: *shouts* Alex! Alex! *to herself:* Dang it that kid, I wish he is as enthusiastic as his sister sometimes.

Belle: After you eat, call your brother and tell him to eat his breakfast

Elise: Okay mom

*Alex went downstairs looking very tired, and started eating his breakfast with a droopy-looking face*

Belle: Alex, what time did you sleep? I told you to sleep early since you have classes. You’ve been playing computer games all night again didn’t you?

*while his mother was talking, there is a flashback; a frame where Alex is playing computer games around 12 midnight, past his sleep schedule of 9:30pm*

Belle: *after flashback ends* If you keep doing this habit, I’ll take away your games!

Alex: *eyes widen in surprise, finally sounded awake* Please don’t mom, I promise I’ll sleep properly next time. *Alex started eating hastily*

*compilation of the two siblings’ morning activities, which are going to be listed below, in panel order*

Elise: *in the bathtub, with her phone texting*

Alex: *After 15 minutes* Are you done yet? I have to take a bath too ya know!

Elise: *just a couple minutes, err… I’ll be done after I do my makeup and my hair

Alex: Just hurry up! You’re the one NOT wanting to be late!

*compilation starts again*

Elise: Dries her hair with hair dryer, applies cologne to herself, as well as makeup, and packs her bags

Alex: Prepares his bag, wears his polo shirt uniform and plays a bit of his favourite game on the Niellen Switch, Animal Park

Elise: Ahh, I’m ready, this uniform still looks cute on me.

*camera pans to the two near the door of the house*

Elise: Look at that, your old uniform still looks good on you

Alex: Yeah, still fits.

Both Alex and Elise: *kisses their mom*

Elise: Bye mom, see you after class.

Belle: Take care you two! Oh, make sure you did not forget anything. Have you checked your bags? Do you have everything you need?

Elise: Yep, I’m all packed up! This is just the first day, so it’s probably just a half day.

Alex: Ahh shoot, I forgot my ID! *rushes back to his room*

Belle: Tsk tsk, see what do I tell you always? Be alert, always double check before leaving.

Alex: Okay got it, *gets out of the house*

Belle: Is that all? Anything you might have forgotten?

Alex: Ahh nope, this time I got everything

Belle: Okay, that’s good. Take care, see you later. Love you!

*both are now out of the house and are now walking to school*