Louis Vuitton launches a spaceship… that can also listen to music

To avoid clickbait titles, it’s a speaker that looks like a spaceship. The speakers are also quite affordable for anyone.

When you think of Louis Vuitton, you think of Luxury fashion, Tech accessories like speakers are also fashion right? So Louis Vuitton introduced a spaceship. Your welcome!

Kidding aside, yes while it looks like a spaceship, it’s actually Bluetooth speakers that are valued for dirt cheap $2890 (~Php 145K). These speakers also light up as a bonus.

The Horizon Light-up Speakers is made with leather, the same ones used for their bags. The reason for the UFO-like design is because the speakers takes inspiration from one of LV’s bags that also looks like a UFO.

The speaker is lightweight too, weighing only 1kg. It has a height of 14cm and a diameter of 18cm. The speakers also have rubber feet to enable it to position sideways. The speakers also come with a small woofer and tweeters measuring 0.75 inches in diameter. The device is omnidirectional when placed upwards and unidirectional when placed sideways.

Additionally, the device supports extensive controls through the Louis Vuitton Connect app, which is available through the Apple App Store, Google Play and even Huawei App Gallery. The speakers come with fast charging and the company claims that it can last up to 15 hours of playback.

For connectivity, there’s a dock for upwards positioning and charging, a universal adapter with 6 plugs, 2 USB-C cables, a removable leather wrist strap and its own travel pouch.

Purchase the speakers (if you can that is) through Louis Vuitton’s website!. Coming from overseas? This is just the base price, expect shipping fees and miscellaneous fees as well.

Source: GizmoChina