The OnePlus Nord 2 has arrived! Also available in the Philippines for pre-orders!

The OnePlus Nord 2 in Blue Haze, Gray Sierra and Wood Green

The OnePlus Nord 2 has been hyped for quite sometime now, time will tell when OnePlus would be unveiling it. And… they did, and the livestream is as generic and as underwhelming as you would expect.

The livestream just showed you the basic specs of the phone as well as some camera features, prices and colours. And that’s basically it. The main highlights of the Nord 2 is its Sony IMX766 camera sensor (the same one used on the OnePlus 9 series, but without the gimmicky Hasselblad branding) and its custom-built Mediatek Dimensity 1200 AI processor which focuses on improved photo and video quality and colour accuracy, and even with some videos played on MX player and VLC would also be improved.

Another thing about this phone is its “Fluid AMOLED” (which is just OnePlus’ fancy naming for a 90Hz display) screen. However unlike the budget 90Hz phone, this one should have a legitimate 90Hz panel, instead of being tweaked through software. In a sense, the OnePlus Nord 2 is just a nerfed OnePlus 9 Pro, or even a OnePlus 7 Pro.

As mentioned, there are three cameras. The 50mp Sony IMX766 from the OnePlus 9 series is also used for the Nord, complete with OIS and 4K video, as well as FHD+ video @60fps. There is also two filler cameras: the 8mp ultrawide and 2mp depth sensor. For the selfie, there is a 32mp camera. OnePlus has finally introduced dual video which was previously only available to select Oppo, Vivo or Realme devices. This uses both the front and rear camera at the same time, perfect for vloggers.

Mediatek Dimensity 1200 AI processor used on the OnePlus Nord 2

As mentioned before, it uses a Mediatek Dimensity 1200 AI processor, confirming the leaks are true. As a bonus, the company has introduced the “OnePlus Games” app, it’s essentially a game booster + social media together, think of it like Game Center from Apple. In addition, this app also integrates Discord so you don’t have to download the main app (or you might need to, since not everything is integrated into the OnePlus Games app).

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So… what about pricing? In the Philippines, the phone is now ready for pre-orders until 25th July on Digital Walker. Unfortunately, the Wood Green is only available for Indian users, but you still have the Gray Sierra and Blue Haze in different configurations.

The phone starts at Php21,990 for the Blue Haze 8/128 configuration, and Php25,990 for the Gray Sierra 12/256 version. Upon pre-orders, you also receive the OnePlus True Wireless Earbuds Z that is worth Php2,590. You can purchase it online, or in a nearby Digital Walker branch.

Source: OnePlus Nord 2 live stream (has ended)