Counterpoint: BBK brands (Oppo Group) ranked 2nd in the global smartphone market last May 2021

The three musketeers, Oppo, OnePlus and Realme all take center stage in second place!

The Oppo Reno 6 series, the latest upper midrange series from Oppo

According to Counterpoint, Oppo and its subbrands (Realme and OnePlus and THEIR subbrands) have achieved second place in the smartphone market last May 2021, with 16% of the market share. Followed with Apple at 15% and Xiaomi at 14%. However, it took the BBK every brand they have while Xiaomi did it alone (well, may also include Poco).

Jene Park, analyst at Counterpoint Research, said that “OPPO and its subsidiaries’ combined global smartphone sales surpassed Apple and Xiaomi in April and May taking the vendor to second place globally. This is the combined result of its multi-brand strategy which includes the premium OnePlus and more accessible realme”. Looking forward, Park speculates, “OPPO family may likely be the next dominant brand to come from China since Huawei”.

BBK is a multi-brand company, catering to every audience possible be it flagships, enthusiasts and premiums (OnePlus) or for people who just want a value phone but with premium qualities (Realme). They also have their Vivo line of smartphones catering to customers who want a little of both. BBK’s strategy of making brands that caters to a particular demographic, along with their very strong marketing team, has led them to being second in Counterpoint’s report.

According to Counterpoint, Oppo’s subbrands, including Oppo itself, fall into these categories:

  • Oppo- Offline, Mid-to-low end smartphones
  • Realme- Online, lower-tier smartphones; set up as a fully owned subsidiary
  • OnePlus- premium smartphones; now merged with OPPO.
Source: Counterpoint

The three brands have a good trend so far, and each brand independently raise brand awareness in their respective markets, thus showing that this strategy is healthy for the three companies.

Source: Counterpoint Research