Nokia won’t be using HarmonyOS, according to Huawei

There were leaks of a Nokia phone that would come with HarmonyOS. However, Huawei confirmed that this new device, called the Nokia X60 won’t be coming with HarmonyOS and instead would come with stock Android

According to the Global Times report last Wednesday, June 30th, Huawei has “denied media reports saying that Nokia’s new handsets will use its HarmonyOS and said the news was false”.

If you’re out of the loop, then there were leaks claiming that the new Nokia X60 Pro would come with HarmonyOS instead of AndroidOS, if the top two sentences didn’t make it clear already.

Nokia has also released a statement regarding the rumor:

“We know that our users like Nokia phones with Android operating systems, and our commitment to providing the best Android experience remains unwavering.”

The Nokia X60 Pro also has been rumoured with a ridiculous 200mp sensor along with a 6000mAh battery and possibly 144Hz refresh rate which is currently only seen on gaming phones. These exaggerated claims are the main reason why leaks should be taken with a spoonful of doubt.

Source: GlobalTimes via GizGuide