ColorOS 12 may be released this August with features combining Flyme, Hydrogen and Smartisan

ColorOS is the OS used to run Oppo phones and early Realme phones. It is a fork of Android and is also a heavily-customised skin of it. The current version of ColorOS is ColorOS 11.

A new version, ColorOS 12 is expected to roll out this year, as early as August.

According to a report from GizmoChina, the new version would be Oppo’s crown jewel, as it combines the fluency of Meizu’s Flyme OS, the innovative features of SmartisanOS (wow that name, has been a long while), and the simplicity of HydrogenOS, which is OxygenOS but in China.

In the same report, Oppo was able to accomplish this because the new OS was co-developed by the original developers from Smartisan, Meizu and OnePlus. The company even hired the former product manager of Smartisan, Zhu Haizhou to work on its software development, as well as top employees from both Smartisan and Meizu. Also, OnePlus has announced to once again merge back into Oppo, explaining the “simplicity of Hydrogen” part.

ColorOS 12 Digital Chat Station

Digital Chat Station, a reliable source of leaks, that ColorOS 12 would be based on Android 12, and there would be huge UI design changes as well as features from HydrogenOS would be present on the new ColorOS 12.

Source: GizmoChina