Goodbye Bluestacks! Windows 11 can natively run Android apps.

TikTok running natively on Windows 11

During Microsoft’s Live Event yesterday for Windows 11, they have announced that multiple android apps will now natively run on the newest operating system. Which means, after five years (that’s when Windows 10 dies), emulators would become meaningless and redundant.

Amazon AppStore on Windows 11

Additionally, many Android apps can be found in the Microsoft store, particularly through the Amazon App store section of the Microsoft Store. Here you can find a variety of Android apps such as TikTok, Spotify, and even some games. According to Microsoft, they have used Intel Bridge technology to make the apps run seamless and smooth. No more emulators needed!

Although mobile game developers still need to find a way to optimise their games on Windows, but most can run fine especially if they don’t need sophisticated controls.

Source: Windows 11 | Android apps