A Smart TV with a 48MP dual camera is coming in China

The Mi TV 6 will be the first Smart TV with a popup 48mp dual camera. Wait, what-

Yes you saw it, the Chinese manufacturer is teasing their new smart TV with smartphone-level capabilities. While cameras on TV are not new, they are still yet to become common. Most of these cameras are used for video calls and gesture and body recognition. Most only have one, however, Xiaomi up the stakes by adding a secondary camera!

The caption reveals a new “interactive mode” which will use the secondary camera. This interactive mode is probably intended for fitness apps and games.

The TV has an impressive spec sheet: 4.2.2 surround sound with spatial sound, 100W dual speakers, Wi-Fi 6 compatibility, 2x HDMI, AMD Freesync for ultra low latency as well as “designed for XBOX” certification, which means most XBOX games will take advantage of the TV’s strengths well. For the display, Xiaomi says that this TV will use QLED Quantum Dot technology and Dolby Vision IQ, allowing the TV to adjust automatically with ambient light.

Currently, the TV will launch in China. We don’t have prices nor dimensions for the TV yet. We don’t even know if it’s going to launch elsewhere outside of China. Just to raise your expectations, it’s no budget TV.

Source: GizmoChina