OxygenOS will still be OnePlus’ main OS even after merging with Oppo

The OnePlus 9 taken from the summary during the live event

Recently, Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, has announced that the company is merging with Oppo, after a few years of splitting up. Because of this merging, there are concerns whether the company will still be using OxygenOS or ColorOS, Oppo’s Android skin

Pete Lau officially confirmed that OxygenOS will not be replaced. While they are merging with Oppo, the company will still work “independently” and that Oppo and OnePlus sharing teams actually had a positive impact in terms of budgeting and RnD. With their merging with Oppo, OnePlus hopes that the two can share resources, thus allowing OnePlus to make an even more expensive premium phone with better and improved features. Since the introduction of the Nord, OnePlus is also making their name be seen on a more general audience.

In China however, OnePlus has switched from using its Chinese version of OxygenOS, HydrogenOS to ColorOS, making it more obvious that an integration is inevitable. Initially, OnePlus launched in 2013 with the goal of making “flagship-killer” phones. Today, the company has outgrown this objective and has actually made premium phones. Starting with the OnePlus 5, the company had a shift from “flagship-killer” to straight up just flagship.

Source: IndiaToday, MySmartPrice