A Huawei tablet intended for children has been launched in Indonesia

The Huawei MatePad T10 kids edition is like the regular tablet but geared towards kids. As a kid-friendly tablet, it has features for kid monitoring like parental controls and a childish design.

The tablet has a removable food-grade silicon covering that prevents it from breaking from falls, as we know children can be clumsy. It also has a plastic handle to the tablet so kids can grip the tablet well. The tablet measures 9.7in., just like the regular MatePad T10.

Easy-to-carry handle and shock-proof silicone case.

Your kids may get disappointed because this doesn’t have Google Mobile Services, what does that mean for your child? It means no YouTube Kids for them to get distracted while you ignore the thing you’re supposed to be doing with your child, like parenting maybe.

The app also features an app called “Kids Corner” filled with lively and colourful animation. According to Huawei, the Kids Corner is a “space where kids can learn, draw and explore as they wish”. They can also use the recorder to record their voice and the camera to record themselves to the world. Another feature is the Azoomee app, which comes with a FREE 1 year subscription. Here, kids can play games, puzzles, watch videos and more.

For the specs, it’s similar to the “adult” MatePad T10, a 9.7in. IPS LCD HD+ tablet with a Kirin 710A chipset and EMUI 10.1 with AppGallery. There is also a single 5mp camera at the back and a 2mp camera at the front intended for video calls. Likely, it has no Google Services installed. We advise parents to let their children explore the real world before handling them electronics, as giving them electronics on a young age may have a negative impact on them in the long run. Though, the decision is still up to the parents.

It has launched in Indonesia for IDR 2,900,000 (~Php 9.7K). Although not available yet in the country, it is more than likely to launch here as well, with nearly the same price tag.

Read more about the tablet on Huawei’s website