Canalys: 5G smartphones will dominate 4G phones by next year

Canalys has set another report for the global smartphone market share. According to their forecast, 5G phones will takeover 4G phones starting next year. They also said that global smartphone shipments are expected to rise this year for up to 12%, with at least 1.4 billion smartphone shipped this year alone, thus representing recovery from the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

5G smartphones accounted for 37% of smartphones shipped in Q1 2021, and this percentage is also expected to rise when the year ends, up to 43% for the full year, or about 600 million 5G smartphones. They said that 5G phones will come into play but also, manufacturers have to sacrifice some features in order for them to be affordable. One recent example of a budget 5G device is the Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro 5G. By the end of the year 32% of all 5G smartphones shipped will cost less than $300, or 15K php

According to the chart, 5G smartphones shipped will reach a nicely percentage of 69% when 2023 hits, and 4G-only handsets will soon be in decline, just like how there are only a number of 3G smartphones sold every year starting 2019. V

In this chart presented by Canalys, the region with the highest number of smartphones shipped is in APAC. Not surprising considering most phones today are made and produced in China and two of the most populated countries, India and China are in this region. This number increased by 20 million from 2020, signaling that people are now recovering from the effects of the pandemic.

To read the entire report, visit Canalys’ page through this link