Windows 10 will have its life support cut off by October 14th 2025 as Windows 11 release draws near

The iconic default wallpaper for Windows 10

As Windows 11 draws near, Windows 10 is soon to set its day at its end. This set date was selected because it will mark the 10th anniversary of the system since its induction last 2015. On Microsoft’s website, users can find specific dates when Windows 10 and all of its versions, end of line.

Originally, Microsoft has planned to make Windows 10 end its support last October 13th 2020, but the support has extended to five more years and a day.

Windows 11 is set to be unveiled this June 24th. There are already leaks on what the next OS might look like. On Twitter, editor of The Verge, has shown the UI of Windows 11. This new UI looks like the now-cancelled Windows 10x, which was meant for tablets and dual-screen devices. Seen through the tweet, the taskbar icons have been moved to the middle, including the start menu, and the windows now have rounded corners. Though, the overall experience has not changed. It will have a similar feel to Windows 10, albeit much more modern. To put it simply, it’s an oversimplified version of Windows 10, kind of like how everything now has to be oversimplified.

The launch event is set to be live 11am Eastern Time, or in the Philippines, 3:00pm GMT+8. Remember when Microsoft said there would be no Windows 11? Yeah we know, time passes, companies have to eat their words sometimes. There are multiple teasers for Windows 11, including this unnecessary 11-minute video Microsoft currently has unlisted.

Courtesy of: The Verge. The new Startup menu lacks the live tiles Windows 10 has

While we may sound salty about Windows 11 being released, rest assured we are not. We are in fact excited what new features the new OS brings us. We already have a mixed feeling about the rounded corners (hope they bring back the pointed ones, or at least have options to use that instead), as well as the centered taskbar icons. Luckily, there is an option to bring those icons back to where they were, at the far left corner. Windows 11’s start menu also lacks the live tiles Windows 10 has, opting for a more simplified look. Microsoft also introduced new features including new startup sounds, new wallpapers and even widgets are coming back. The widgets are the most fun parts of Windows 7 and we hopefully see them again in Windows 11.

One more thing, long-pressing the maximize window icon lets you choose from four different tiles that automatically resize your Windows. This feature is called “snap controls”. Additionally, the XBOX app has been integrated to Windows 11 and is now less cluttered. We are excited to see more features once a beta and the livestream has been unveiled.

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