Converge launches cost-efficient Time-of-Day products

Converge introduced new Time-of-day fully customisable plans catering to both enterprises and residential customers.

With the pandemic currently still taking a toll in our lives, businesses and residential owners are looking for ways to adapt against it, which includes Wi-Fi or internet services as a solution.

As more and more businesses and schools shift digitally, Telecoms companies are also finding ways to improve their services and connections, and to get in-touch with these residences and businesses.

In Converge’s case, they are offering a cost-efficient Time-of-Day solution. These Time-of-Day plans are fully customisable and would cater to the subscriber’s internet requirements as mentioned, These plans are designed for both homeowners and businesses alike.

With these plans, customers can enjoy twice the speed of their usual subscription with no additional costs, or doubling their monthly fees.

For the Enterprise segment, Converge has them covered. The Converge Enterprise Dedicated Internet Access Time of Day provides resources catered to medium or large enterprises that would help them run their businesses more efficiently and comfortably. This plan is called “FlexiBIZ” and would double the internet speed of business during peak business hours, particularly from 7:00am to 6:59pm

For residential customers, Converge’s FiberX Time-of-Day plans has them covered. Subscribers can choose from either Day or Night plans that would boost their internet speed without paying for more.

To avail the promo, new and existing residential users can check through sales reps, Converge’s website and/or hotlines for availability. For enterprise users, there are designated account managers that would assist them in acquiring the Time-of-Day plans.

Source: GizGuide