Xiaomi patents a new dual-slider design

Xiaomi is getting creative with these designs where they patented two types of concept designs already. The first is an under-display flip camera, which combines two familiar innovations into one, and now, they’re taking their slider concept, first seen in Mi Mix 3, into a new level.

This new dual slider combines a few things: dual-screen display seen on phones like ZTE Axon M, and the swiveling screen seen on the LG Wing 5G. This display also is inspired from the Mi Mix 3 camera slider concept as well as old smartphones with slider keyboards.

Xiaomi has patented this futuristic design early January 2021 and today, this patent has been published.

According to LetsGoDigital, the makers of the render above, this dual-screen dual-slider design lets you slide the phone from either left or right, hence the “dual-slider” term. If you think this is just the same, well, Xiaomi added a few nifty and interesting features when you slide to either direction

[webp-to-png output image]

As seen from this blueprint, sliding to the right reveals the rear camera module, and not just that, the image sensors are also located within the slider mechanism as well. The front of the phone has three cutouts while the back has four, giving it a distinct and futuristically minimal design. Xiaomi is on a roll in innovative designs lately.

Xiaomi smartphone side display

Sliding to the left reveals a secondary display. This display is long and narrow, and may be used to display notifications or can be an extension to an app or video. This blueprint, interestingly, shows no front camera, that is because the left side already substitute for a front cam

Though Xiaomi has been showing and publishing its innovative patents lately, it is unknown if they will make a concept device, like the Mi Mix Alpha, for these patents, or it’s just all drawing boards. Either way, it shows that Xiaomi is willing to innovate and release new and exciting design drafts.

Source: LetsGoDigital (in Dutch) via GizmoChina