Xiaomi patents the under-display flippy camera

Xiaomi has secured a patent for a new camera technology that combines the old, it’s an in-display flip camera! This in-display camera can both function as a selfie and a main camera, as well as making the camera hidden.

According to WIPO documents examined by LetsGoDigital, this patent was filed last February 2020, for a “terminal device” that features an in-display camera system. As you can see through this draft, the flip camera is placed at the rear and is part of an elaborate set of lenses that would provide excellent quality visuals. The triple camera system has a single flippable camera that would also serve as a front-facing selfie camera. The flip camera was made possible through a magnetic drive, and this magnetic drive would be used to flip the camera back and forth inside the confined space.

This patent shows that the front-facing camera is activated internally through the use of the top rotating camera. The display of the phone has to be adjusted so that the camera fits in while going back and forth. The use of the main camera instead of a separate camera sensor for the selfie camera allows for a higher-quality image and video, and allow features that are only available on the main sensor, as well as save costs for the company manufacturing the phone

If ever this patent becomes a reality, as a concept perhaps, then this concept would appear first in a Mi Mix phone, because that’s the company’s experimental line of smartphones. Such concepts that Xiaomi made possible include the bezeless screen, a snap camera module and a foldable.

Source: GizmoChina