Xiaomi is no longer blacklisted from the US

Smartphone and Telecoms manufacturer Xiaomi has previously been part of the US blacklist after being accused of participating alongside the Chinese Communist Party. Because of this move, Xiaomi released a statement saying they are purely independent and that are no way part or is working with the government of China.

However, according to Bloomberg, Xiaomi has now been completely removed from the blacklist, after being given a temporary license. The ban was reversed just recently and Xiaomi is once again free to work with US companies.

The US Department of Defence have agreed to remove Xiaomi from the US blacklist and set aside the policies of the Trump administration. The decision came after Xiaomi won a very important victory in a federal lawsuit two months ago. A judge from Washington D.C. also criticised the Pentagon’s decision and have demanded a temporary halt for the move.

A Xiaomi representative said that it was monitoring the issue and still has to work with the Pentagon to fully reverse the issue. In the statement above, Xiaomi denied any participation with the Chinese government and said that their products are all for civilian and commercial use. In regards with the ban, the Department of Defence denied to comment.

Meanwhile, Huawei is still banned and would not be unbanned anytime soon.

Source: Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg