Canalys: PC and Tablet markets doubled sales doubled last Q1 2021

Canalys: PC and tablet markets record another yearly growth in Q1 2021

Canalys has posted its Q1 report on PC and Tablets market share, and the numbers are quite impressive, showing that the tablet and Chromebook markets are once again flourishing and rising, and is again becoming a cheaper alternative to iPads.

The table above shows the market share differences, as well as shipments for chromebooks in Q1 2020 and Q1 2021. It shows that HP is leading the chromebook market, having an annual growth of 633.7% vs last year, and had a Q1 market share of 36.4%, which is double than the previous year (take note that Q1 2020 was the time the pandemic was first declared and laptops/tablets had a sudden surge in demand). Lenovo comes in second while Acer is in third, having a market share of 25.9% and 11.9% respectively, vs 23.8% and 16.1% of yesteryear.

Above are the Q1 2021 vs Q1 2020 shipments and market share for tablets (including iPads). As always, Apple leads the tablet market, because the iPads are all impressive in reality. Apple has a 38.2% market share in Q1 2021, which is slightly lesser than that of Q1 2020 but also had more shipments, so it evens out. Samsung and Lenovo are at the second and third spots, while Huawei fell down the 5th slot and is still struggling due to the ban. In the next report, Huawei might even not appear as Xiaomi is playing the Android Tab market game more seriously now.

Overall, there are more shipments this quarter vs the previous quarter, showing that tablets are not dead yet. The sudden rise in tablets was due to the stay-at-home protocol, as many are now studying and working at home.

Canalys has another report, but for the PC/laptop market. In this report, they also have included the tablet sales, so this one might go overboard in comparison to the previous table.

Lenovo is currently the highest-selling PC vendor with over 24,000 units shipped, just a tad higher in contrast to Apple, which had over 22,000 units. Lenovo has 19.7% market share while the other two, Apple and HP have 18.1% and 15.8% respectively. Strangely enough, Asus is not present in the report.

Overall, the PC market also grew largely, there is about 35% more shipments in contrast to the previous quarter.

With the sudden good performance of tablet sales, companies may go back into developing tablets once again, and that meant iPads finally have strong competitors. According to Canalys analyst Brian Lynch, the education sector is the primary reason for the sudden interest in tablets and chromebooks.

Source: Canalys