Download more RAM? Xiaomi shows memory extension feature in MIUI Code

Recently, a tipster leaked a code within MIUI showing the RAM extension feature. This feature is the next thing in smartphones, and Vivo took it overhead. It seems like now Xiaomi is interested in this feature as well.

According to the leaker, the memory extension feature works by taking a part of your storage and then using it as RAM. For example, the Vivo V21 (which has this feature) will take 3GB off your main storage to use it as Virtual RAM, thus making it appear you have 11GB RAM. The Vivo X60 Pro+ does this as well, albeit limited to 1GB.

We don’t know exactly where this feature will be implemented first, but is more likely on Xiaomi’s gaming-centric phones like the K40 Gaming and Blackshark 4 Pro since those require the most RAM, or their flagships. We hope to see it in lower-end devices too

Source: GSMArena