Android 12 Sneak Peeks: Extra Dim Mode

During one of the developer previews for Android, Google has revealed a new feature that is darker than dark mode: Extra Dim Mode!

The concept meant that your phone can go darker than ever before, so much that there’s possibly little light left (might as well just turn off your phone will reading at night). TechRadar noted that “not all phones are created equal, meaning that even on their lowest settings, some are still pretty bright.”

The feature cannot be turned on automatically however this could be one of the features to be permanently implemented on the stable version of Android 12. There are users who got Android 12 early, some of those users are actually testers for Android 12, or Pixel users.

If you’re one of the users who got a beta Android 12 early, here’s how you could activate Extra Dim Mode:

  1. Pull down the notifications/quick settings menu, and then pull down once more to reveal more options
  2. Scroll to the left of the quick settings menu until you see the toggle for “extra-dim” mode. (Currently, there is a blank symbol, just a label underneath) and then simply tap it to turn it on.
  3. Once activated, you can hold the blank icon to reveal settings that lets you alter the brightness according to your satisfaction, as well as leave extra-dim on after the next reboot. Alternatively, you can go to Settings>Accessibility and look for “Extra Dim”

Source: TechRadar