Alleged Render of the Nubia Z30 reveals an under-display camera

Previously, the rumoured Axon 30 series was said to come with an under-display camera, but the real device is underwhelming, being a typical midranger. Fret not, there are renders of a new Nubia series phone with an under-display camera.

The Nubia Z30 appears to have a curved display, and the back is also curved, but strangely, the sides does not appear to be curved, which contradicts the front panel and the back.

As you can see from this render, the front camera is nowhere to be seen, suggesting that the front camera is embedded inside the display (either that, or a pop-up, but the former is more likely). This will be a second time ZTE has implemented an optical camera since the ZTE Axon 20 series.

At the back, it appears to have a quad camera setup, one of which is a periscope camera that can zoom up to 100x. As the Nubia series is ZTE’s flagship and experimental series, it is more than likely to carry flagship specs, including a Snapdragon 888 Processor, 8 or 12GB RAM and either E4 AMOLED or SAMOLED display.

This is an early render and other variants like the Pro, Lite, or Ultra versions may appear once the device is confirmed.

Source: GizmoChina