Xiaomi Black Shark 4 Pro survives JerryRig Survivability Test

JerryRigEverything is a YouTube channel popular for the phrase “scratches at level 7 with deeper grooves at level 8” as well as testing and breaking phones for their durability. JRE has durability-tested three gaming phones so far this year, including the BlackShark 4 Pro. The other two are the ROG Phone 5 and Legion Phone 2 Duel.

Unfortunately, the last two, ROG Phone 5 and Legion Phone 2 Duel did not survive the durability test. However, his latest gaming phone, the Blackshark 4 Pro, did.

JerryRigEverything has three phases of testing: Scratch Test, Burn Test, and Bend Test. The Scratch Test is used to determine the type of material the screen is made of (the most common one is glass), hence the popular phrase. Sapphire scratches at level 8 with deeper grooves at level 9, on the Mohs Pick scale. One example of a phone that is made of Sapphire screen is HTC U Ultra. The frames of the phone are also scratched, to determine the material used to manufacture the phone overall

The Burn Test is used to determine how long the phone resists heat before the screen or pixels die out. For the Blackshark 4 Pro, the screen managed to resist 25 seconds before the burnt screen turned white. However, unlike other AMOLEDs, the phone eventually did recover.

The Bend Test is the main part of the test, and is usually seen at the last portion of his videos. This test is the determining factor whether the phone has either a good or bad build quality. If the phone does not break, or become critically damaged, then the phone passes the durability test, otherwise, it fails.

For the Xiaomi Black Shark 4 Pro, Jerry noted that, when he tried to bend the phone outward, there is a noticeable flex, but nothing too damaging. Indeed, the phone did curve out, but is still usable, as if it was new. He bent it the other way, but the phone held strong. The phone locks into place and thus it did not get destroyed to oblivion, passing his durability test.

The Blackshark 4 Pro is the first gaming phone he tested this year so far, that has not seen the heavens.

Other than durability testing, JRE also examines the phone from the inside (teardowns), seeing what it contains and how are parts built. He also does this even if the phone fails the durability test. ROG Phone 5, for instance, failed the durability but has been examined from the inside to determine why did it crack in the first place.

JRE has not uploaded his teardown video yet, however, you can watch the durability test above, or through this link