Share-it plans to expand through the Philippine Market

Share-it is a popular peer-to-peer file sharing app owned by Lenovo (although now it operates as its own entity). Users can share almost any type of file, from APKs, to photos and videos as well as documents. As the number of users in the Philippines increased, with as high as 4.2 million users (according to GizGuide), Share-it used this opportunity to expand even further.

In January 2021, Share-it said that the number of mobile connections in the country have an equivalent of 138.2% of the total national population. They also noted that there is more than one mobile connection in the Philippines.

Share-it has been working alongside local brands, including GCash and Kumu to expand their presence in the country and build up a user base. This year, Share-it plans to have a local PH team since the app is very popular and is one of the most downloaded in Google Play. In the Philippines, it is the 8th most popular app on the Play Store and currently has 4.4 billion users worldwide.

Source: GizGuide