NVIDIA partners with Mediatek to bring ARM-based architecture to Chromebooks

Ever wondered… what if Chromebooks had the performance of a budget gaming laptop? NVIDIA is a company known for their RTX and GTX series of graphics cards for gamers and sometimes, for bitcoin miners, and Mediatek is a company known for providing aggressive processors for higher and budget midrange phones. The two have partnered up to bring their strengths to chromebook!

It was announced that the two are building a reference platform that will support Chromium, Linux and NVIDIA SDKs, based on ARM architecture. Alongside this partnership, NVIDIA announced an ARM-based chip, codename “Grace”. The company’s first datacenter processor.

Currently, Mediatek is the world’s largest supplier of ARM chipsets, and have supplied chipsets to TV, phone and Chromebook manufacturers.

“MediaTek is the world’s largest supplier of ARM chips, used to power everything from smartphones, Chromebooks, and smart TVs,” MediaTek CEO Rick Tsai said in a statement. “We look forward to using our technology and working with NVIDIA to bring the power of GPUs to the ARM PC platform for gaming, content creation and much more. GPU acceleration will be a huge boost for the entire ARM ecosystem.” he added

Source: Engadget