Samsung may partner up with Olympus for its next flagship lineup

Galaxy S22 render by TechnizioConcept

Phone companies today partner up with optics and DSLR manufacturers to level up their camera hardware (just goes to show how phones cannot defeat DSLRs just yet). Huawei partnered with Leica, OnePlus recently partnered with Hasselblad and Nokia and Vivo partnered with Zeiss for their camera system. It seems like Samsung wanted a taste of that partnership, this time with Olympus, a Japan-based camera manufacturer.

There are rumors stating of a Galaxy S22 with 200mp main camera, and that main camera is HUGE, as if Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Ultra wasn’t large enough, hope this won’t wobble.

The renders came from LetsGoDigital, TechnizioConcept. The website is known for making credible and realistically-possible renders for smartphones. The two renders above show a huge camera bump and possibly the S-Pen, which is strange, considering it is exclusive to the Note series. However, this might possibly show that the Galaxy S22 supports the S-Pen, and may not literally mean that the phone will come with the S-Pen.

Also, the front camera is not seen in this render. This might mean that the next Galaxy S phone may come with an optical under-display front camera, first seen on the ZTE Axon 20 5G. It is also not strange for Samsung to be working on a 200mp camera, as the Galaxy S21 is powered by a 108mp camera already, this is just jumping higher.

We might see more realistic renders, as well as specifications later in the year, and the Galaxy S22 might get released early January or February next year. Earlier, Samsung said it might cancel its plans for a new Galaxy Note this year, due to the chipset shortage which is still occurring to this day.

Take the renders with a pinch of salt, as these are very earlier renders and details may change constantly in the future when more details arrive.

Source: Tom’s Guide