Xiaomi is entering the electric car business!

The Smart Mobile Home shown on the Mega Launch

Xiaomi has been rumoured months ago that they are making their own smart vehicle. The founder, Lei Jun, has actually met Elon Musk on several occasions, the first time was in 2013, and became a co-owner of Tesla. Yesterday, Xiaomi released a statement.

With that statement, it is officially confirmed that Xiaomi will make their own smart vehicle, possibly the smart RV shown on top.

In addition to this, the interior of the RV was also shown yesterday. The interior shows many AIoT products Xiaomi has manufactured

In this case, we will see a smart vehicle as part of Xiaomi’s lineup someday in the future. We are looking forward to it and we hope to see it becoming global.

Source: Xiaomi Mega Launch Part II (has ended)