Samsung reclaims the top spot in February smartphone sales

Samsung has reclaimed the top smartphone manufacturer last February, according to a report by market researcher Strategy Analytics.

The report showed that the company has marginally beaten Apple in the smartphone market share during the first release of the Galaxy S21 series.

Samsung shipped 24 million units totaling to 23.1% market share, defeating Apple’s 23 million share at 22.2% market share.

In third place is Xiaomi, at 11.5% market share, followed by Vivo at 10.6% market share and finally Oppo at 8.5% market share.

The report also showed that Samsung sold 26% more phones in comparison to February 2020, and 12% more than February 2019, when the pandemic did not exist.

However, iPhone sales have boosted to 74% a year earlier and 35% in February 2019