Qualcomm Snapdragon 775 has been reported in the works.

Qualcomm recently released a lot of chipsets this year and the last midyear, including the flagship chipset Snapdragon 888, and the slightly underclocked version of it, the Snapdragon 870. They have also released a number of midrange chipsets in the 700 series, including 765G and 732G

The first appearance of this new chipset came from a tweet from a popular tipster last September, Roland Quandt which said that the new chipset with model name “SM7350” will have the codename “Cedros”. This same chipset also appeared in the source code for the Xiaomi Mi 11.

There is also another evidence of the Snapdragon 775/775G’s existence. There has been a leak on an early post by XiaomiUI. Because the post is outdated, the brand new chipset may not have all or some of the specs listed and some may change. Take this leak with a grain of salt.

Specifications by XiaomiUI

Whether this is the name of the new SoC Qualcomm is working on is yet to be confirmed. Again, some of the specs may have changed after the release of this post. Qualcomm is yet to announce a new Snapdragon 700 series chipset. However the hint of the Snapdragon 775’s existence is ever growing. The most major evidence being the fact that the Snapdragon 765G has favourable reception and that a successor is more than possible. There is also the overclocked version of it, the Snapdragon 768G which appeared on phones like the Redmi K30 Racing Edition.

SOURCE: XDADevelopers, GizmoChina