Samsung Galaxy F62 with 2019 flagship processor to arrive tomorrow on India

Samsung released yet another midrange phone for the Indian market with the slogan #FullonSpeedy, however, this phone has a trick up its sleeve: It uses a 2019 flagship processor! That’s correct, a 2019 flagship processor at an affordable price will soon be introduced for the Indian market.

The phone will feature the flagship Exynos 9825, which was the main processor for the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. It will also feature a quad camera setup, a punch-hole 6.7in. screen. Another of its greatest features is that it comes with a massive battery that will probably not blow itself up this time, a 7000mAh battery jam-packed into the phone!

It is also confirmed that the phone would come with 6GB RAM and 128GB Storage. On AnTuTu, it managed to score more than 450,000 points. That is nearly flagship-level performance on a midranger phone. The phone also has a headphone jack as well as a USB-C port at the bottom, as seen on the official release pictures

We will update this page once there is already information on its availability, pricing, colours and storage options.