Google is Releasing the Pixel 9 on August 13!

Comes in a sussy design too!

The next Made by Google Event is coming right soon, and the company has surprised many by releasing the hardware of the phone as early as August 13 when typically, the event starts every October. This marks a deviation from Google’s tradition of releasing new Pixel devices every October.

Render image from Rozetked

That’s why it was so surprising. The earliest the Pixels ever launched before this point was September 30, 2020 when Google launched the Pixel 5. Also, instead of the usual New York City venue, the event will be held at Mountain View at the Googleplex.

According to 9tot5Google, there are a few possible reasons why the event is launching so early. The most notable reason was that the Tensor G4 is merely just a filler chipset and Google is already preparing to release its new fully-fledged custom chipset made by TSMC this time by 2025. We’ll get to the details of that in another article. The G4 is merely a “Tensor G3.5” than anything, so don’t expect so much from the Pixel 9, especially if you were coming from the Pixel 8.

Another reason might be that Google just expanded the Pixel 9 portfolio to nine devices. The four new Pixel 9 phones include the Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, Pixel 9 Pro XL, and Pixel 9 Pro Fold. This also marks the return of the XL series since the Pixel 4. It seems like the Pixel fold will be integrated to the main phone line instead, as mentioned by the “Pixel 9 Pro Fold” name earlier.

In some countries, like Algeria, there are already demo units being previewed, such as the tweet above showing what the Pixel 9 looks like. The pink phone has metallic edges akin to the iPhone and a large circular camera hump at the back. Based on the short video, the phone has a glass back. The software isn’t revealed however.

Also, as with every tech event this year, Google will be mentioning AI 500 times on that event, as if we hadn’t heard all of it on the last I/O. That might be one of the prime reasons why the event is two months early this year. Google’s development with LaMDA and Gemini are at full scale here and will be fully implemented on the next Pixel phones.

Image: Pixel Watch 2

Aside from AI and the Pixel 9 series, the Pixel Watch 3 is also expected to debut here. As always, we do not expect any release here in the Philippines and frankly the only way to get a Pixel is through grey market. That usually does not end up 100% foolproof because some do not have support to 5G services. Yep, it’s a Huawei phone with a Google branding, in a way.

Source: Android Authority, 9to5Google