Samsung announced a 1000in. MicroLED TV with 16K resolution

A new model of “The Wall” has been released. Certainly, it can’t fit in your houses, right?

Samsung released a new TV intended for megacomplex buildings like malls and skyscrapers called “The Wall”. It has a modular MicroLED display and has a screen measuring 1000 inches. That’s relatively bigger than any of our TVs at home!

Improvements over the previous model include: a higher refresh rate, improved colour accuracy and contrast, easier installation and much more. This particular display has a 16K resolution. For context, most TVs have 4K resolution and more expensive models get 8K.

The display starts at 8K resolution, 120Hz refresh rate and 1600 nits of peak brightness. The TV can be adjusted for the 16K resolution Samsung is advertising. According to Samsung, each LED is 40% smaller to increase the colour uniformity and contrast. The Ultra Chroma technology that the TV has produces narrower wavelengths to “create RGB colours twice as pure and more accurate than conventional LCDs”

Seen through the image above, the 2021 model of ‘The Wall’ has nearly bezelless design as well as wireless connection docks (as it should be since it’s hard to connect something wired for a TV placed so high). These wireless connections can be configured in various position, resulting in an easier installation.

The display also boasts Micro HDR and Micro Motion tech that provides consistent video quality and a smooth viewing experience. Furthermore, four picture-in-picture screens allow enterprises to display four videos/pictures at once, and this is in 4K resolution too.

Obviously the large size of the TV as well as its features meant that this display is meant for big business and corporations. However, if your house is a mansion and you’re wealthy, Samsung has a 110-inch. MicroLED TV for that, along with a 76in. and 99in. models, all of which launched last year.

Source: XDA Developers