The Magic Spreads Far and Wide: The Honor Magic6 Pro Is in the Philippines!

Priced reasonably beyond belief!

A few days ago, Honor launched the Magic6 Pro, the anticipated follow-up to the highly successful Magic5 Pro which we are happy to get a hold of. Unfortunately this time, we didn’t get to hold one of it but we’re sure it would get a demonstration in any one of Honor’s physical stores. The Honor Magic6 Pro is a result of the brand’s continuous improvement in R&D and was DXOMark’s no.1 camera phone (keyword: was). It is no.1 in almost every category, including display and battery, which are still remarkable achievements.

When we first heard that the device was launching in the Philippines very soon, we started guessing the price alongside a colleague. Our guess is as right as theirs. The phone, with 12/512 configuration, is priced exactly like the Magic5 Pro when it was first launched, at PHP 59,999. With everything that it offers and how Honor positions itself as a premium brand, there are far less complaints compared to the phone that is speedy beyond belief. Well, this one is priced reasonably, maybe even beyond belief.

We like the little interactive cursor the website provides which allows you to see the phone in a different color than the one currently being presented. The current color above is Black but when highlighted, it also shows its other color, Epi Green, based on the texture and feel of grass, so Honor is literally telling you to touch some grass.

The Honor Magic6 Pro is patterned after its predecessor, including a similar design philosophy for the camera island, based on the figures of space. Last year, it was based on the first photo of the Black Hole, now it is patterned after constellations of the night sky. It continues the them of starry starry night and nature combined. The phone features an IP68 water/dust resistance rating

The Honor Magic6 Pro features three cameras at the back, as well as laser autofocus for instant refocusing. Situated at the top is the featured 180MP telephoto with 100x digital zoom! That’s a lot of resolution for a telephoto, as it should be. If you want to take pictures of objects at a far distance, they need to be at least viewable, and having so many megapixels is a great way to sharpen images especially when zooming in. With this, you can now take pictures of the moon in stunning detail, or maybe even including constellations where it is clear in non-polluted areas.

At the right corner is the 50MP ultrawide camera with 2.5cm macro features. We wish budget phones do the same thing as well, wherein they don’t use a dedicated macro camera but instead, use the ultrawide as a macro. Now, there are two functionalities of it! For the Magic6 Pro, since this has 50MP, then it can take wide shots, as wide as 122 degrees with full detail and less stitching.

Finally, at the bottom left, the 50MP Super Dynamic “Falcon Camera”. The name “Falcon Camera” is the main tagline for Honor’s launch event wherein they stated that the falcon “has just landed”. The main distinguishing feature of this is the variable aperture ranging from f/1.4-f/2.0 and this is optical, meaning, just like with fancy DSLRs, the aperture changes physically depending on the setting. A stronger aperture means more blur.

Situated at the front is a 50MP + 3D ToF sensor which allows for facial scanning, a biometric feature more secure than facial recognition. This time-of-flight sensor also ensures of extremely fast focusing at all times.

The Magic6 Pro features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, as obvious as it sounds. The phone, just like last year, has 12GB RAM and 512GB ROM. In addition, the Magic6 Pro also features a larger battery than its predecessor, a 5600mAh cell with 80W fast charging, 66W fast wireless charging, and is even treated its own management chip called Honor E1 to ensure that the battery is in tip-top condition and lasts for longer periods.

Among other things, the Honor Magic6 Pro features a curved OLED screen like its predecessor. It’s also LTPO with a refresh rate ranging from 1-120Hz. Unlike other phones, Honor went up to the stakes with a 4320Hz PWM Flicker-free dimming, and we thought they couldn’t top the Honor 90’s 3840Hz PWM Dimming. This display has a 1.5K (2800x1280px) resolution measuring 6.8 inches. QuadHD is reserved for ultra flagships, in this case, the Magic6 Ultimate and Magic6 RSR.

It is available in the Philippines for PHP 59,999 which is the same price as the Magic5 Pro when it was first launched. The success of that flagship indicates that Honor is selling pretty well outside of its usual budget and midrange lineups. You can get the phone at Honor’s Lazada page


  • 6.8″ 1.5K (2800x1280px) LTPO AMOLED, 120Hz refresh rate, 4320Hz PWM Dimming
    • IP68 water/dust resistance
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 (4nm)
    • 50MP (Primary), f/1.4-f/2.0, OIS, “Falcon Camera”
    • 180MP (Periscope), f/2.6, 2.5x optical zoom, 100x digital zoom, OIS
    • 50MP (Ultrawide), f/2.0
    • FRONT: 50MP, f/2.0 + 3D ToF Sensor
      • 4K Video capabilities
    • MagicOS based on Android 14
    • 5600mAh, 80W fast charging, 66W fast wireless charging
      • Honor E1 Battery Management chip
    • USB-C, Stereo Speakers, Virtual RAM, In-display fingerprint scanner, FaceID
    • 5G services, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 7, Dual-band Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth 5.4
    • Epi Green, Black
    • PRICE:
      • 12/512: PHP 59,999