HONOR Releases TWO MORE FLAGSHIPS! The Magic6 Ultimate and its Porsche Variant

Interesting camera design, Honor

Honor released two flagship phones, although it’s technically just one because the other is just the more luxurious version, spearheaded with Porsche Design (yes, Porsche does have its own fashion brand). The Porsche Design is called Magic6 Ultimate RSR. Sounds like a good car name, don’t you think? We rate 9/11. (Implications over this may apply).

If you can recall, Honor officially launched the Magic6 Pro which topped DXOMark’s leaderboard. Now, with the Ultimate being the most powerful version of that, Honor must be unbeatable. There’s just one teeny tiny small problem. The phone is only available for Chinese users to enjoy while we, the peasants, get the Magic6 Pro. That’s not merely a bad decision but we do wish companies bring their “Ultra” flagships globally too. Xiaomi attempted but it’s far too limiting they might as well cancel that decision.

The Magic6 Ultimate comes in a fresh new design, notably from the rear cameras. We find it very interesting indeed. This island houses the unusual sensors the company sourced it from. The primary is apparently a Howell OV50, which might just be another name for Omnivision, the other two cameras include the unusual 180MP Periscope and another 50MP for the ultrawide.

It has one trick at its sleeve, or side frame in this case. Here, it uses a 1200-point laser radar array inspired from sensors used in modern cars which allows for near-instant focusing of the subject even in rapid motions. Moreover, the Magic6 Ultimate also uses a LOFIC (not Lo-Fi) sensor that helps the phone create the right amount of dynamic range, even in the most challenging lighting situations, that is, according to Honor. This type of sensor is first used here and is not present with the Magic6 Pro, instead opting for a traditional LiDAR system.

In terms of its display, the Magic6 Ultimate uses a 6.8″ LTPO3 OLED with 1.5K (2800x1280px) resolution. Moreover, this display has a variable refresh rate ranging from 1-120Hz as well as a whoppingly high 4320Hz PWM Dimming. That’s even higher than most flagships and higher than the Honor 90!

There are two front cameras here. The first is a 3D ToF sensor used to create facial signatures for a secure face unlock, similar to Apple’s FaceID. The other is the actual selfie sensor, a 50MP camera with 4K video and f/2.0 aperture.

The phone uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. What a surprise. It comes with 16GB RAM with 512GB or 1TB ROM. Meanwhile, the RSR only has the latter part, with 16GB RAM and 1TB ROM. You’re not expecting anything less from a collector’s flagship, are you?

Honor Magic6 RSR

Both phones come with 5G services, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 7, and Bluetooth 5.4. They both have stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X tuning. The main standout feature of the RSR, aside from its design of course, is dual-way satellite communications. A very useful feature in case disaster strikes and cell towers are unusable. This feature is also quite useful for the most remote areas where signals are highly limited.

Prices for the phone are listed below.

  • 16/512: CNY 6,999 (~PHP 54.1K)
  • 16/1TB: CNY 7,699 (~PHP 59.5K)
  • 16/1TB RSR: CNY 9,999 (~PHP 77.3K)

Source: HiHonor (in Chinese)