After Six Months, Globe Finally Launched its Prepaid ESIM Solution!

Your phone needs to support E-SIMS for this to work.

Six months prior, Globe announced it will be launching its E-SIM Platform for prepaid users. It was supposed to launch in September 2023 but it took until March of 2024 before it could officially launch. Not a lot of smartphones support E-SIMs at the moment, and the Philippines is not exactly E-SIM-ready yet. Before purchasing, determine if your phone supports E-SIMs by clicking this link. We promise it’s not a rickroll nor is it a virus.

Before we continue, what is E-SIM exactly? As the name suggests, they are electronic SIM Cards. They allow you to subscribe to your carrier without having to carry a physical SIM. The data of this is stored locally on your phone so if you lose the phone, you lose the number as well. This adds an extra layer of cautiousness for the user to take care of their device. Depending on the phone, there is a certain limit for how many E-SIMs can a phone support. For instance, most iPhones support up to eight E-SIM numbers. At least that’s more than two for your physical SIM. Another advantage is the convenience of switching as now you don’t have to pop the SIM tray open to switch numbers between phones, just the software. In the case of Globe, it’s GlobeOne.

Globe’s prepaid E-SIM plan is available for PHP 99 in the GlobeOne app. The plan includes 5GB of mobile data for three days with unlimited calls and texts for all networks. Once purchased, Globe will give you a QR Code. As with your regular SIM Card, you need to register it at Globe’s SIM Registration website to activate it and you also need to routinely reload the card. Do note that you cannot convert your physical SIM’s number to E-SIM and vice versa. Instead, you will be getting a new number. That might still change in the future.

Smart was the first Philippine telco to launch prepaid E-SIMs, as early as July. Following this, Globe responded by announcing theirs just a month after. However, delays prevented it from being launched as expected.

Source: UnboxPH