MWC: Nubia Neo 2 5G Announced! An Affordable Gaming Phone.

Also, it comes with a punch hole now instead of a waterdrop

The ZTE Nubia Neo 2 is the successor to the popular and uniquely designed gaming phone Neo Nubia. The RedMagic Phones aren’t for us poor people, that’s where the Nubia Neo comes in. It’s really a “RedMagic at home” type of deal.

Like the previous phone, it comes with a futuristic and robotic design, somewhat like the Transformers. Announced during MWC 2024, the phone is part of ZTE’s efforts to bring it worldwide. To keep costs down, it will use the same chipset, the UNISOC Tiger T820. Does it have 5G? Well yes it does, it’s clearly stated in the name. The phone has 12GB RAM and 256GB ROM, and an additional 8GB if you’re willing to sacrifice part of that ROM to become “virtual RAM”.

As a gaming phone, you’re probably going to use it to game… or wait for Genshin to finish updating. So a multi-layered heat dissipation system is available. The phone also has the immersive DTS Audio Stereo speakers so everyone can hear you being the impostor while you play Among Us, or that bullets coming from in-game feel like they’re also outside (or maybe they are).

It retained the same 120Hz refresh rate and FullHD+ IPS LCD screen. Couldn’t even go AMOLED, huh. The phone is gonna have a bit of pressure competing against the POVA 6 Pro if this is ever released here. Like its competitor, it has a 6000mAh battery with a slower 33W charging rate. Headphone jack? We don’t really see it here.

There is no price available for it yet. From what we can observe, ZTE is a company that is usually much more reserved. Its website is basically a slap of images for promotion, there is no spec sheet page, and not a single CTA for you to buy the product. It’s bare bones in comparison to what other brands offer.

In a nutshell, the Nubia Neo2 is a sidegrade. The only major difference is that the screen is a punch hole. Its page does not even mention the cameras.

Source: ZTE Nubia